Monday, September 6, 2010

Sand and Sea... and Puget Sound. 

photo copyright keg. Edmonds. Marina Park.

I'm in Seattle. This means I go down to the water as often as I can.

Saturday and Sunday we went to several beaches and shot hundreds of photos. Water, rocks, driftwood, seagulls (sorry Kaci,) ferry boats, clouds and sky. We sifted our fingers through rocks and sand looking for perfect stones, shells, sea glass.

photo copyright keg. Downtown Seattle.

We're adventuring again today. North. Oak Harbor.

Prompt #19 - write about the rocks and the water, the seas and the sands, the first time you saw the ocean. or, if you've never been to the ocean, think of your favourite place and write about it. 

~ Announcing the Winners of the Three Thousand Doors drawing~
Scott Horn of Scornphoto

Tammy and Scott - 
drop a note (with your mailing address) in a bottle and toss it in the sea. 
I'll collect it from the Puget Sound!
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Barbara Rollins said...

My Pond

Well, people 'round here
call them stock tanks -
watering holes when the rainfall
keeps the dirt wet.
Good enough. Mine.

Now, though, two men stand
and tell me face to face I can have
a sea - maybe even an ocean.
They're ready and willing to make it happen.
How can this be? All this - for me?
I love my pond when there's water.
The thought of a sea - or the ocean -
scares me. Intrigues me. Entices me.
Would I give up my pond for a sea?
For the ocean?

Yes. Closing my eyes, sticking to safe,
scares me more than the sea.
Or the ocean.

Tammy said...

Wow--I won a copy of your book?!!! Reeeally??!!! YAYYY!!! (Pardon my yelling, but I'm so excited!!!) I will hop on over to FB, and thanks so much, Karen!!!!

BECKY said...

Hi Karen! I'm a writer/friend of Tammy's...the Tammy above, who just won your book! She blogged about it, so I hopped right on over. I just became a follower! Love your prompts....I'll be sure to try them sometime! Oh, and I looked at your favorites....we have some things in common, so that makes you extra special cool! :)