Monday, September 27, 2010

5 song shuffle

I'm borrowing the idea for this prompt from a site I ran across last year...(I'm a terrible person - I can't remember the site and I didn't save it in my favourites, so I cannot properly credit it - boo hiss on me!)

It's the 5 song shuffle.  It goes something like this:(everybody clap your hands! just kidding)

pick 5 CD's. pop each one in the CD player and hit "shuffle" write down the first song that plays on each.

or...grab your ipod - hit shuffle - write down the first five songs it plays.

my list looks like this:

1. Long Ride Home (Patti Griffin)
2. The Story So Far (Flogging Molly)
3. A Case of You (Joni Mitchell)
4. Wicked (Switchblade Symphony)
5. Let it Be (The Beatles)

prompt # 22 - Now take those 5 songs (you can use my list if you like - or compile your own list, because it's just kind of fun and cool to see what you'll get!) and write! You can use the actual titles, or the feelings the music stirs in you, what it makes you think about, remember, look forward to. 


Tammy said...

Cool idea for a prompt!

But I'm also here because I have to tell you that your book arrived! Wow. And wow. I've only just begun to look it over, but it is truly a work of art in so many ways. I'll post about it after I'm done reading, but it's not just a gift of a book. Each poem is itself a gift. Each word. Amazing.

Karen said...

This post just made my morning! (also made my eyes mist over a bit) Thanks Tammy!