Monday, August 30, 2010

travelling again...

because I am happiest when on the road.

so because I'm travelling, I'm posting light this week.

Upon arriving at my hotel Sunday evening (terribly over-priced...sigh...such is the luck when one travels without an itinerary) it appears only one channel is available on the silly TV - one channel which happens to play only REALLY bad 80's movies.  ummmm...REALLY bad. Bad acting, bad script, bad backdrops. at one point I could actually see the seams on the beach scene backdrop. wow.

so your prompt this week...prompt to write something tacky, terrible, awful.

~ today and tomorrow are technically the last two days to comment 
and have your name entered in the drawing for my poetry collection
Three Thousand Doors
I think I'll go ahead and extend that to include the whole week. 
Drawing is next Monday, Sept. 6  ~

1 comment:

Joanne said...

tacky motels on the road. Sounds like a good set for a Raymond Chandler story.
Went bowling Sunday with my husband - the lighting was good, new seating comfortable, graphics on the screen were fun, BUT renting bowling shoes is still the epitome of tacky grossness. I survived with a thick pair of socks ... and yet ...