Monday, August 23, 2010

a little, NOW!

So I'm waiting on my book. waiting waiting waiting...

My book! The one I've spent the last 20 or so years working toward. I've compiled a collection of my poetry, Three Thousand Doors, and my copies are not here yet! The universe is testing my patience.

Oh sweet patience, I do not know you very well. I do not care much for you, you usually interfere with what I want and I can't have that kind of interference. but. you do like to pretend sometimes that you are the boss.

so. I'm trying. to be patient. ('s not working very well) I've yelled at the UPS tracking screen at least three times today because the STUPID website will NOT give me any information. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.



writing prompt #17 - Patience. what are the things that challenge your patience? 

~ don't forget to leave a comment to win a copy of  
Three Thousand Doors 
(if UPS ever delivers my stock.) 
The drawing will be held and winners announced on September 6, 2010 ~


Jackie Williams said...

Your blog profile picture is so fitting for this post! As I read it I saw your pretty face sort of hiding behind your hand in giddy anticipation and it made me smile. Your book will be here soon enough and I can't wait to read it!

Jennifer Bower said...

Congratulation, Karen! 20 years is patience indeed! No doubt, very well worth the wait considering those poems are now immortalized.

Tammy said...

That UPS tracking thing is like a watched pot! My theory is they slow the trucks down if you log in a lot. And if you're REALLY anxious, they'll leave it for days at the checkpoint just a few miles from your house.

Cyndi Mulligan said...

Disingenuousness, meanness, and stupidity try my patience. Big time. Like nothing else. With a cherry on top. There is So. Much. Of. It. That is why it is my mission when I go into town to enter into the uncommon and execute a few simple, kind actions. Checkers, greeters, pedestrians, and fellow travellers may not even take notice, but I do. And I believe, so does God. It makes us both smile.

Kaci said...

Patience....Moving to North Dakota, Hoppy on days. This whole summer....Canadians. Seems like everything lately is challenging my patience and life. I am so happy to have to extra strong legs to hold me up. So thanks to you and Hoppy I get stay semi grounded. LOVE YOU and am so very proud of you

Joanne said...

twenty years is a lot of work, and now patience for print. It's going to be fabulous. If you want to test patience, try using a dial-up system. You'll never see the UPS tracker system. Speaking of dial - patience is using a rotary phone at my father's house in PA. You have no idea what slow really encompasses.
Congrats on the book