Monday, August 9, 2010


Not so easy for a pack rat.

I save everything! old letters and cards. old computers that don't work. childhood memorabilia. I have too much stuff.

I have at least eight different lotions to choose from on my vanity - and five different brands of shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

I will say it again - I have too much stuff.

but efforts to simplify, to weed out the unnecessary; the superfluous, often fail.
I mean, really, they're just things, why shouldn't I just get rid of them?

because...there are memories tied to them.

I can't throw away the box of old letters in the garage - it doesn't matter that I haven't opened it once in five years - there are letters from my father in that box. I couldn't possible bear to part with the box of clothes Mrs. Bayer lovingly stitched with her own hands when I was 7 simply because she adored me. My elephant collection carefully wrapped and packed in boxes for the last seven years because I've had no place to put them.

This "stuff" is tied to my past, and the memories make me smile, laugh out loud, cry. I wouldn't want to let go of that. 

besides, when I do get a chance to open those boxes, lifting out treasure after treasure, it's like having the best Christmas ever!

prompt #15 - what do you struggle to simplify? what is the hardest thing to let go?

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Tammy said...

I can SO relate to this! But once, in an attempt to simplify, I finally did part with the secret shoe box full of letters from old boyfriends...and it's one of my greatest regrets! I desperately wish I could have those back!

irishoma said...

I have a hard time letting go of regrets.
Donna V.

Susan said...

I have a VERY difficult time letting go of "things." I KNOW I should start to weed out my extensive doll collection, but I can't. I have wayyyyyy to many books and should give some away. But I can't.

The attic is a warehouse and I should throw stuff OUT. But I can't.

Right now I trying to organize my office.

So you see? You are not the only one who has trouble simplifying. Susan