Monday, August 29, 2011

The difference between falling and flying...


Sometimes...we all need to be reminded that we are something more.  

When the day to day bogs us down, and we feel like we are doing little more than muddling through, we just need someone to tell us that we Shine! That we are something greater, something better, something incredible. 

I've got a mountain to climb before i get over this hill
I've got a world to unwind before i ever sit still
I've got a hard row to hoe before my seed is sown
I've got a long way to get before i get back home 

~ Bob Schneider

Prompt #70: Write about that person or thing that reminds you that you are amazing.

1 comment:

Hanny said...

Great prompt! Sometimes people forget to be thankful for those 'pick-me-ups' in life.