Monday, January 3, 2011

January Greys...

Happy New Year.

It's Monday, January 3rd, and January ugh is threatening...taunting me from its tight, dark, little corner.

If it knows what's good for it, it will just stay there, and shut its trap!

After the fast-paced frenzy of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Celebrations, I often find myself in the first week of January feeling...I don't know...subdued.

It's like there's a big holiday go.go.go. and then suddenly...halt!

It hits me every year.

If I allowed it, I could easily slump into the mucky, cold, icy ball of January sludge and simply wait to thaw out some time in March.

When I was younger, that's exactly what I would have done, but over the years, I've learned to combat that foggy, grey feeling through various creative outlets.
I write. I paint. I work on tedious or silly craft projects. I shoot photos. I concoct new cookie, cake and pie recipes and try them out on my "tasters" (friends and family who are more than happy to sample from my personal bakery.)

I've learned to wade through the greys with big fat boots of happy painted on my soles; the days are getting longer, we're moving closer to the sun and green days of spring are just around the corner!

Prompt #36: Write. Paint. Draw. Bake. Create. What is your outlet when the greys hit you?


Jennifer Bower said...

Nice post and good to know that someone else feels the same way. I clean house. And then wish I could just burn it down and start all over rather than admit to the gluttony as I purge and move things around.
My resolution is to get my in-home illustration studio up and running. That means dismantling a room full of IKEA furniture that miraculously wont fit through any of our doorways.
We also keep our tree up through Epiphany and thank someone for one of our gifts during each of the 12 days of Christmas (12/26 - 1/6).

Joanne said...

I embrace the January greys since I know it'll be 100 degrees again far too soon. My Yankee blood loves sweaters, coats, and mittens or hunkering under a soft afghan and reading. To me, the grey days and early darkness signal a blessing to snooze. It's okay to not be on the go-go-go. Hot chocolate helps, too.

Karen said...

Jennifer - I do a lot of cleaning too...and rearranging of the house - but I've just moved, so that task is currently moot. I am occupying my time with job searches instead.
Joanne - Hot Chocolate fixes almost everything! Did you know Cold Stone Creamery now has a hot chocolate mix! oh my yum!

Cathy C. Hall said...

" wade through the greys with big fat boots of happy painted on my soles;"

Oh, I loved that line, Karen.

Maybe because I live in the South where January days are like today...55and sunny...I tend to get all energized with my list of goals and to do's. That's the way my year begins...with a bang. By June, however, the humidity has sucked the goals and to do's out of me. Then my year kinda ends with a whimper.

(Did ya like how I worked that T.S. Elliot reference in? It must have been your lovely, lyrical line that inspired me!)

Glenda Beall said...

I used to dislike Jan. but now I seem to embrace the cold. I enjoy hiding away, having time to sleep if I want, write, and take on inside projects that I know I'll have uninterrupted time to finish before March when my writing studio is open again.
I enjoy your blog.

cidonnelly said...

I go to the movies! With Christmas, all the better films the studios have held back all year finally arrive here in Buffalo, NY, and I get cracking on my pre-Oscar preparations. This is a close as I get to being a sports fan, and the Golden Globes are my playoffs, the Oscars my Super Bowl. So many great films, so little time -- and $!