Monday, February 20, 2012

We are family...

I'm sitting at my friend Sarah's computer, because I still don't have internet at my new apartment. It's coming this week.

lack of internet certainly has presented a few posting challenges, but I think I've managed to conquer them pretty well.

so...I'm sitting here in Sarah's precious little house, which is currently full of toys and children and noise and television, and adult conversation, and baby cooing. and it is the most blissful cacophony of beautiful noise.

because it is love. surrounding, encompassing, down-to-earth, unconditional. love. her house is always filled with love.

I met Sarah when I went back to college at age 28. she was 18. we hit it off almost immediately. actually, we hit it off when I chose her for my interview partner in our journalism class.

she had super short, hot pink hair, gauges in her ears, tattoos...and I knew she was the one person in the class I really wanted to know.

after that we were pretty much inseparable. Long-lost sisters. so much so that people think we actually share familial blood.

sometimes, we're lucky enough to find those people who are "family" without being blood. and that makes us pretty lucky.

Prompt #95: Write about family. chosen or born to.

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