Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Dresses

I'm totally and completely head over heels for The Bloggess.

so much so, that it's not enough to write about her on my other blog, I feel I also need to share her here.

This woman is so...awesome! she is inspiring. uplifting. brave. witty. crazy. passionate. and wicked cool.

She gets an idea...blogs about it, and these ideas take off! fly into the upper atmosphere and clear out into space.

you must go read all about the Traveling Red Dress. if you're not totally amazed and at least a wee bit inspired, I'm sorry, but you are a dullard and you have no soul.

I'm kidding, you're not soulless.

but truly, this is one of those reminders that there is GOOD in the world. and after scrolling through the news headlines day after day, headlines that are full of tragedy and bad news, it's nice to have a ray of sunshine.

Prompt #92: What is your red dress?

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh, I do think there is so much joy in the world, Karen. Much of it we find in Blogland, isn't it so?

Thanks for sharing. Susan