Monday, November 21, 2011

Reading, Writing and...

...not 'rithmetic.

I don't math. not if I can help it.

But I have been reading a lot lately. Fall is a cuddle up with a soft blanket, a fluffy pillow and a fantastic book kind of time for me.

I've also been writing a bunch. Following Robert Lee Brewer's prompts over at Poetic Asides. I'm a couple days behind at the moment, but I currently have 20 new poems to work with, and a writing contest I'm planning to enter in the next two weeks before the deadline.

So I'm feeling pretty artistic, which totally beats that "ugh! I've got nothing creative in me!" feeling that we all get when we hit that brick wall called writer's block.

Prompt #82: Today...head on over to Poetic Asides and pick on of the 21 prompts and write. No matter if it's a poem, a story, a song, a play...just pick a prompt and write on it!

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