Monday, November 14, 2011

Impossible vs. possible

That thing you think you can't do because it's impossible? Maybe it isn't. ~ unknown

I saw this quote on a friend's facebook page a few months back. It's totally managed to stick with me. I printed it up and taped it to my wall. I read it several times a day, think on's pretty much become my mantra; my chant. true! There are so many things that we do, to say, to be...and how many of us just don't do them, say them, be them, because we think they're impossible? for one reason or another - no money, no time, fear.

The thing is...people have proven, over and over again, that they can accomplish amazing things...and so many have great odds to contend with.

So, really, what is it that's holding you back? what holds me back? If nothing is impossible, then it really just comes down to that final decision...

Prompt #81: What do you REALLY want to do...that you just haven't done?

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Tammy said...

Love the quote and the post. I needed to see them both! Thanks.