Monday, June 20, 2011

be a a genius...

Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe. ~ Stephen King (On Writing)

How I love this quote. It stirs something deep within my soul; awakens a sleeping dragon of creativity.

It churns the same cauldron music does - amazing to me, how just a quote can bring such a sparkle to my psyche.

But maybe that's because he's Stephen King...genius of lyrical writing. He is a talented spider, weaving gruesome webs to entrap his readers. Even though the Horror genre is not my favourite thing, I appreciate his ability to wrap the reader in the soft silk of his writing (and not all he writes is creepy, screepy horror.)

Writing is a chance to paint a picture with words. 

Prompt# 60: find something to paint. use words to create a Monet, Van Gogh, Pollock. choose your subject and paint it. 


Stephan Cox said...

LC and I both loved "On Writing." I still take it off the shelf from time to time.

Karen said...

SC - it's a book I need! I've read snippets here and there but have yet to get the entire book. I think I will ask my mom to get me that one for Christmas. :)

irishoma said...

Thanks for pointing out that quote. Stephen King's book on writing is so full of great advice I want to soak it all in.
Donna V.

Stan Szczesny said...

I read On Writing several years ago. I gleaned quite a bit from it. I grew up on Stephen King. I read Cujo when I was eight years old. Next, it was Carrie. And so on. This was probably not healthy for the psyche, but it was great for the reading and writing skills.