Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It's officially the one year anniversary of The Absinthe Road. I had intended to announce the winners of the giveaway today and give away two copies of Three Thousand Doors...but no one entered. so...

instead, I'm saying Happy Birthday to The Absinthe Road. my toddler...if you will.

Prompt #53: This week, I'd like to hear from you. Tell me what you like about this blog, or what you don't like. Tell me what changes you'd like to see in the next year, what you'd like to see more of.


Christina Wos Donnelly said...

Awww, sorry, Karen. I missed that one. Belated Congratulations!

Joanne said...

the year zoomed by, that's for sure. I think you've been true to the writer theme with your words and prompts. You can always include some more pics, enticing us with your photographic skills, too. Keep having fun and growing with your blog. Congrats