Monday, November 29, 2010

Unmotivated...and blank

So I'm having a day.

How do I write an inspiring, motivating, writing-prompting blog when my mind is feeling blank blank blank.

This has been my day:

~ I wrote two poems this morning while waiting for new back tires to be mounted on my car.

~ I went around and shot several photos of gorgeous moss on trees.

~ I grabbed a fabulous latte at one of my favourite local spots with every intention of writing

~ I tried to take a nap

~ couldn't I got up and looked through my photos and cleaned out my email inbox (84 emails down to 11)

~ I attempt to start the blog...stare at the screen...finally start writing and it's about not being able to write. really?

Did I use up all my creative reserves?

Prompt #31: What do you write about when you feel you have nothing to write about? How do you bust through a rut?

1 comment:

Terry K. said...

Hey Karen,
Been feeling the same blank ideas. I will sometime listen to an Oldies station to ressurect memories of past times and make them new again. Terry K.