Monday, June 14, 2010

Partly Stormy...(Monday - 6/14/10)

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship. ~ Louisa May Alcott


Emotional storms; literal storms. We all have to drive through them at times. They can be so big and blinding you quite literally have to pull of the road until it passes.  

storms are frightening; calming, cleansing; downpour, destructive, renewing. We brave through those dark hours, white-knuckled, and move on to the next challenge. Hopefully, we are changed for the better...made stronger, valiant, unafraid; electrified.

This week, write about something that changed you. An event, big or little. An upheaval, a decision - something that altered your path and took you down a new road. The challenges encountered - the storms weathered.   


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Joanne said...

Hey Karen - huge decisions that changed my life: 1. post college, hiring on to a company that moved me from PA to TX. Now over twenty five years later, I have so many good friends here and married a Texan. 2. Taking a year to decide quit a job that I hated. Five years later, I'm less stressed, enjoy a part-time job, and am published.
Storm that caused major upheaval in my life - death of my mother nineteen years ago. Wow.
Thought provoking post - keep 'em coming.