Monday, June 7, 2010

drive me crazy

Actually, it's kind of the opposite - I love a road trip.

Whether by myself or with a friend, long drives are therapeutic and relaxing - hours to think, compose (I have an old mini recorder, given to me by a man I was interviewing for my journalism course,) or stop roadside for the perfect photo opportunity.

I'm a pretty devoted nomad, which makes staying in one place REALLY really tough...lucky for me, my sweetheart is very understanding when it comes to my wanderlust, and he's happy to stay put while I traipse all over the U.S.

This summer, travels include: Dallas, Houston, Austin, my annual Seattle visit (with a nifty detour through North Dakota so I can see my midget) and an Autumn trip to Louisville to take photos of my friend and her family. Somewhere in between all of that I want to figure out how to include a visit to New Orleans, Savannah and Germany. I'm thinking something is going to have to take a back seat and be rescheduled. ugh! really? I can't do it all?

This week, write about your favourite drive. What made it memorable? Or perhaps it wasn't the drive that you found wonderful, maybe it was the destination, the people you met, a perfect sunset, fabulous meal...

Happy Writing! (Happy Driving!)


Anonymous said...

save new orleans for me!

Karen said...

hehe. um okay...anonymous. I need initials or something...who said that!?

Tammy said...

Have fun on those trips! You'll get plenty to write about, I bet!

Joanne said...

It was spur of the moment and wonderful. My husband and I, along with my father and sister, were in CA and had an "open" day. Ended up in Yosemite and it was sheer bliss. One of the highlights of our trip and of course the whole PCH is one huge photo op. Each corner, better than the next. Good times!