Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bridges of Fleming County...sort of

Last Saturday we took a day trip out to Eastern Kentucky.

I fell in love with Kentucky the first time I visited in March, 1998 - and then moved here shortly after. The first fall I spent in Louisville was stunning! I grew up on the west coast...we didn't have a lot of fall colour, mostly yellow...perhaps a touch of orange or red now and then, but predominately yellow. or brown. fun for the crunching under feet sound, but not much gloriousness to look at. Kentucky is a different world when it comes to fall red. purple-magenta-plum-y shades. Deep, rich colours that take my breath away.

Pair the perfect autumn day with a full tank of gas and voilĂ ! mini one day holiday.

The plan was to visit and photograph four of the 13 covered bridges remaining in Kentucky - there used to be over 400 - three of them in Fleming County.

The thing about day trips and "planned" excursions is that you have to leave room for the unexpected and spontaneous.

After a late start Saturday morning, we arrived at our first bridge, in Bourbon County, mid-afternoon.

The Colville Covered Bridge, built in 1877, fully restored in 2001.

Colville Covered Bridge. Bourbon County, Kentucky. keg 10.13.12
Next to Hinkston Creek. Bourbon County, Kentucky. keg 10.12.12
We nibbled on a quick picnic lunch and then headed off toward the next bridge destination.

...and a change of plans.

While driving along Highway 36 we passed a yard sale. They had several old 6-pane window frames with the glass still in place; they gave me a couple of ideas. So we turned around to have a look and inquire about the windows. When we pulled in the driveway I noticed an old tractor, nearly covered in weeds and growth, at the top of a small incline, by two beautiful old tobacco barns.

I purchased two of the windows, and asked Jethro and Connie (the couple having the yard sale - they introduced themselves almost as soon as we walked up) if we could run up and take some shots of the barns. They said yes.

Somewhere along highway 36. keg 10.12.12
swoon. keg 10.13.12

keg 10.13.12
keg 10.13.12
keg 10.13.12

We found at least 10 more yard sales along highways 36 and 11...stopped at a couple...found a few more fabulous finds, including 2 vintage 70's purses which I scored for a total of $5.00.

The late start and unexpected yard sale stops resulted in too little light to continue our covered bridge search that afternoon, but in no way am I disappointed by the events of the afternoon and the resulting photographs and fantastic finds of my Eastern Kentucky day trip.


Brenda said...

I really enjoyed your photos; I love covered bridges!

Karen said...

Thank you, Brenda!

Sheila said...

Day trips are so much fun! I like the way the road leads you to adventures. Sounds like you had a great day!!