Monday, March 5, 2012


I have a "problem" people. I tend to have a million ideas.

I act on many. but so many are unfinished projects.

and really, that's not a bad thing. some things need to simmer a bit before we come back to them and bring them full circle.  that's totally okay.

but sometimes, we need to leaf through those thousands of started projects, and pick one to work on and finish.  so that we can pick the next one to work on and finish. and so one. and so on. 

Prompt #97: Do you have a project you've started but haven't finished yet? is today the day? do it.

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Cyndi Mulligan said...

Yes! I plan to finish three little projects that I've been putting off because of the tyranny of the urgent. But today's the day! With the prompt from my darling husby and now this from you, I've already completed one of 'em, so thank you!