Monday, October 24, 2011

Dusting off...

I pick myself up. dust myself off. and start all over again. ~ Frank Sinatra

As one quite accustomed to doing just that, I will say that at times, starting all over again has been incredibly easy. and other times...there's a bit more challenge to it.

But, I love the rush! I'm addicted to it. It's why I move so often. something new. something fresh.

I don't mind starting over. It's terrifying to some folks, I know, but to me, it is refreshing. What frightens me, is staying in one place too long. overstaying my welcome. becoming hollow. becoming too comfortable. being confined.

It's that whole caged bird thing.

I'd rather fly.

Prompt #78: What do you do when your wings feel too wet to fly?

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Stephan said...

I suppose that's sort of what my Sh*t That Scares Me project is about. When you get to a certain age, you have to fight comfort in order to keep life fresh. Especially if you tend toward fearfulness. So, I'd say, take your fear and harness its incredible energy.