Monday, October 25, 2010

survey says...

~ ding ding ding ding ding ~

I had a pretty great signing today for my poetry collection Three Thousand Doors.

My best friend sent flowers...from North Dakota. Honestly, if no one had shown their face at my signing today, I would have been happy because I had flowers from Kaci. because she loves me.
Lucky for me though, I also sold what I think is a decent number of copies. 

Now here's the thing...I've been to several signings in the past three years. My publishing firm has 13 titles available, we've had local signings for about 10 of those titles. Signings are weird creatures. Sometimes we sell a lot...sometimes we sell a few.

The thing all four partners agree upon is this: every signing gets our name out there (as individuals AND as a business.)
Positive thinking? Yes, I believe so.

Prompt #26: What are your expectations? Are you disappointed if events don't meet those expectations? Or do you have the capacity to think positively, and be proud of the efforts made?

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Joanne said...

congrats again and I'm glad you signed and sold books. I do think your name and Silver Boomers is out there, plus you do get word of mouth, too. The publishing world is crazy (as we know) and I think you have to build brick by brick, book by book. Plus you have the satisfaction of knowing you are published and, so far, well received. All part of the process.