Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost and Found

Losing things pretty much just bites.

Lose your keys? can't drive your car or get in your house.

Lose your marbles? well...I would comment but the voices told me not to.

Lose your lunch? never want to eat pears again.

Lose a friend? Loved one?

Letting go and saying goodbye...usually not the happiest of times. and it doesn't seem to matter if it's a short goodbye, long goodbye, permanent goodbye... goodbyes tug at our hearts, bring tears to our eyes and turn us about to reflect on  when we smiled last with that person.

Think about the people that make you smile the most. What is it about them that makes you happiest. Tell them how much they mean to you, how much you love what they do for your soul. How they brighten your heart, lift your spirits, ease your worries. Then, send that letter, poem, story to them. Because it never sucks to hear that someone loves you.


Barbara Rollins said...

“That’s a BIG book,” you said,
as I placed it in your hand. I shook my head,
as your chagrinned grin said you got it,
I’d told you that these months.

That’s a big book – the book full of tales
and verse of folks who made folks
smile around the world. The folks
who wrote – and folks remembered —
smile back at your, our free spirit,
sending out contracts, counting folks
in without counting them – or the future

Joanne said...

It's dorky but I put a post it note in my husband's lunch bag daily. I might even be telling him of a chore for after work, but there's always an "I Love You" on the paper. If somehow I miss a day, he notices and comments. You're right - sometimes it's just the little things.