Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge. Dare. (Monday - 5/10/10)

~ Welcome back folks.Thank you for all your comments and feedback on week one. Thanks to Tiffany, Cathy and Sir Eric for the blog shout-outs, (I apologize if I've missed someone) and everyone who posted their writing in the comment section. I encourage sharing in the form of comments, links to personal blogs, etc. I do moderate all comments and will not post anything that I consider detrimental to another writer. I believe in the strength of creativity and voice, and while we all need editors at times, I do not wish for this venue to be the place for it. In addition, I respect the desire of some to post anonymously, but would ask them to reconsider so we can know who our fellow authors are. I am honored to be among you all, to witness your art and share in your process. Thank you! ~

Wisdom. Challenge. Discovery. Change. Journey. Intuition. Inspiration. Illumination. Passion. Independence. Balance. Creativity. Sovereignty. Grace. Divinity

This is my personal mantra, of sorts; something that gets me going when I'm lagging; it reminds me who I am and who I want to be; it is something that reaffirms my ambitions. I read it often; recite it aloud. Just words. Single, stand-alone words, but each one, for me, carries enormous punch. Favorite words which mean as much to me on their own as they do when mooshed together. (mooshed - that's one of my mom's words - mooshing and moiling. nice!)

For today's prompt, I would like you to choose any one of the above words. Or. you can choose all of them and incorporate them into a piece. Happy Writing!


Stacey Cox said...

Writing is my passion. There are 2 main things that inspire all my creativity and writings, my faith in the LORD and being at one with/surrounded-by nature. Ican actually see so many living analogies within nature, that it just comes natural to write. My goal as a writer, is to inspire and encourage others. We all face challenges in life and it's amazing what just 1 word, poem or song of encouragement can do to help someone through a hard time and achieve success or thier destined path in life.

Stacey Denise Cox
Writer/Poet/Wildlife Photographer/Actress/Movie Extra and Behind-The-Scenes Videographer

Anonymous said...

Since I was a young teen I expressed myself through lyrical writing and music. The gift to express myself in this manner was very personal, so I found it hard to share with ours. I knew that deep down someday this hidden passion would be unleashed. I am ready to publish my works of various writings for others to ponder. Thank you Heavenly Father for this gift, J.R.R Tolkien for your master piece (The Silmarillion), and Mrs. Brookey my British Lit. Professor who has offered more incouragement than one can fairly ask for.

Joanne said...

I might not use the word balance today, but I will live it. I'm eking out time to write this morning, then as I sit in a doctor's office (for my husband's post-surgery check-up), I'll observe folks and gather character info, and in between it all I'll do housework, yardwork, and juggle a few other plates. Balance - not grace today.
Thanks, Karen, for words

KetzerMusic said...

Now I have something to do while washing clothes this Sunday...hmmm, which word, which word.

Gail said...

I like the word "change" even though it is often difficult for me to deal with. I really do relish the opportunity to change. I also like the word "community" because having a community of writer friends to support oneself makes the long journey feel safer, and manageable.
Thanks for becoming a part of my community; I've signed on as a follower to be part of yours!

Nancy said...

I love the idea of weekly writing prompts, so I'll be checking in regularly. Sometimes our creativity needs a bit of a boost, so thanks for giving us one.

Janet Glaser said...

I am looking forward to your posts on this new blog. The writing prompts will get our creative juices that too much of a cliche? I think I will have to work a little more on creativity. Thanks.

Kathi said...

A peach candle flickers between my keyboard and my nose, "illumination" for the evening...looking for inspiration that is overdue. I attempt to get the creative notes floating around in my brain so I am prepared. Prepared to "Live the life you've imagined." (Henry David Thoreau) Such an interesting idea, just listening to Pandora and jotting down music, artists and songs, whatever I fancy. After 6pm tonight, I may be performing on stage with my own band. Writing tunes, following my passion, trusting my intuition and challenging myself by discovering new arrangements and racing into a new exciting journey. Life holds so much change in every moment! Balancing every twist and turn, I trust a Sovereign hand to bring wisdom. Confidently, I step out onto this new path. Life is an adventure that is riddled with rhythm, rhyme and notes straight from our deepest places. The darkest sorrows and the brightest joys. And I'm ready to go! My bags are packed and my passport is ready. It's time for this bird to sing! And have a piece of divinity ;)